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What is underground mining loader

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What is loader ?

The scraper is a kind of shovel transport machine that uses a bucket to shovel the soil and put the crushed soil into the bucket for transportation. Real comprehensive work. It is suitable for the leveling work of railway, road, water conservancy, electric power and other projects. The scraper has the advantages of simple operation, no terrain restriction, independent work, fast driving speed and high production efficiency. It is suitable for one to three types of soil, such as when shoveling more than three types of soil, it is necessary to loosen the soil in advance. There are two types of scrapers widely used in the market: internal combustion scrapers and electric scrapers. The internal combustion scrapers are suitable for a well-ventilated working environment and have the characteristics of flexibility and high efficiency; the electric scrapers are more environmentally friendly and have no pollute. Its characteristics, structure, classification, development achievements, operation process, safety regulations, etc. are introduced in detail.

What is underground mining loader?

Diesel Scooptram are driven by diesel engines, flexible and adaptable, capable of operating at grade < 25° in the contact lane. Rapid movement between several stopes at the same or different levels. Especially suitable for high strength mining in stope. It is the main mining equipment of stope without pillar sublevel caving and filling method. 

The basic structure of diesel scraper is the same as that of underground scraper. It is characterized by the discharge of a large number of carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, aldehydes and carbon and other harmful substances in the process of work, pollution of the working environment, damage to human health. Therefore, diesel exhaust has strict requirements, generally specified carbon monoxide ≤30mg/m3, nitrogen oxide ≤8mg/m3. The main technical measures to reduce the harm of exhaust gas are strictly controlling the emission of harmful gas from diesel engine exhaust gas and setting up the exhaust gas purification equipment outside the engine.

What is underground mining loader
What is loader ?The scraper is a kind of shovel transport machine that uses a bu
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